Rambles Through the Vineyards

Jefferson’s guide lists 13 special wines. We seek them all out: German Rieslings, Italian Nebbiolos, French Burgundies and Hermitages. We love the small, unpretentious finds as much as some of the big ticket items. The craziest thing we do on this mission, though, is dress in costume and run the Marathon du Medoc, a 26 mile real marathon through the ultra-exclusive vineyards as Bordeaux, with 21 wine tastings along the route. 

The Author

Derek Baxter graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in history. He is writing a book about his experience following the route through Europe that Jefferson set out in Hints to Americans. After years of research, Derek made nine separate trips abroad on Jefferson's trail. 


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Please come back, Schloss Johannisberg wine, I want to drink you again.