You Can Too!

Jefferson didn’t intend his travel advice just for me. It’s for all of us. 

Keep it in mind the next time you take a trip. You don’t need to literally follow his itinerary in Europe--although you can. He also traveled all over the east coast of the U.S. (see his travels here.


His specific tips might inspire you: go to the highest point in a city to get an overview. Don’t “load the memory with trifles” —you can never do it all. But still, remember you may never pass this way again. Ask questions. Go to markets. Buy the house wine. Visit taverns but don’t judge a country’s character based on who you meet there.

Most importantly, travel with an adventurous spirit, open to learning. Jefferson encouraged his countrymen to contemplate the buildings they saw, learn about the crops they saw growing, and experience how regular people live their lives. Enlighten yourself through travel.


So get out there! And how about showing us here at where you’ve been? Download a picture of this Jefferson bobblehead, print it out, and take a picture with it the next time you’re somewhere Jefferson and his inquisitive spirit would have appreciated.


Maybe Monticello. Maybe somewhere along Jefferson’s travel route in Europe (be sure to bring his guide Hints to Americans with you!). How about just in front a bank? Your travel-sized Jefferson will love the neoclassical columns even if he hates the bank itself, which will provide some tension for your photo.


Send me the picture and, if it’s Jefferson-worthy, I’ll post it on this site. Don't forget to include a note about where you took it. If this challenge inspires you to go somewhere you wouldn’t have and think about what’s there, then it will be worth it. Bobble on.


Disclaimer: No bobbleheads were harmed in the taking of these photos.

Disclaimer #2: Why not take a picture with an actual bobblehead? Sadly, I have no connection to the fine manufacturer of this bobblehead, Royal Bobbles, and am making no coin from this project. But our 3rd President deserves to be in 3D. I encourage you to purchase your own at Amazon, or wherever fine bobbleheads are sold.